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Modular starters w/ communication?


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Hello all,


let me start by saying it's a first post for me. It great to find forums with such quality content like this one.


I have two questions that need to be answered by anybody experiencing motorstarters. It will help me a lot with research I am doing regarding motorstarters. Thank you kindly for your answers.


1) Do you think communication option directly on motorstarter is something worth having? If yes, what problems can you solve with it? Directly means via comm port and not via auxiliaries and cables to plc.


2) Is modularity a good thing? When designing electrical equipment how important do you feel is universal motor starter solution - one power base and modules for comm. protection etc.?


Thank you very much,



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Hello Jose


Welcome to the forum.


In regard to your questions:

1) Communication to the starters really depends on the outcomes that you want. Simple DOL starters can be controlled over a serial link and feedback a run/trip state, but sophisticated Soft Starters can provide a lot mor information about the operating conditions of the motor. This can assist in maximising the plant utilisation by adjusting feed rates to keep the motor operating at close to, but not above, full load. For example a rock crusher where the raw material feed is adjusted to keep the crusher close to full load.


2) Modularity has advantages in that it makes the assembly easier for board builders, but it mus also have the flexibility to provide the best performance. Unfortunately, it is very easy to consider that all motors are alike, and all applications are alike. If you use DOL, then this is fine. If you wish to optimise conditions, then there are very large variations in starter requirements. This could be a test to the modular concept.


Best regards,

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