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GE DC-300 Problem


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Hi Guys,

Although I'm a regular reader of your site, I've finally decided to register!

So, I am having a problem with a GE DC-300. The drive is a 7VRHS070IB01? There is a zero speed sense (ZSS) PCB fitted which has a burnt out component CR2. Can anybody suggest where I can find information on what this component is (capacitor?) and what is the value/rating? The component has completely vapourised so no way to track by that route.

A happy X-mas and New Year to you all!

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Hello Woodford


Welcome to the forum.


I am sorry, I am not familiar with this drive, but a lable CR2 does not suggest a capacitor to me. I would be looking or at a semiconductor device such as a small SCR (three leaded) or a diac trigger device. - This is ust from my experience based on what is typicaly labeled CRxx


Hopefully, someone else can shed more light on the subject.

Have a good Christmas.


Best regards,

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