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Free Power Harmonics software

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:) Dear Forum Users,


I am pasting my forum site link where you can download a fully functional spice

software for your power harmonics analysis. The software is free no

limitation and you can use it to predict behavior of a network on

the presence of harmonics (through current injection method). You

can also use the software to predict series or parallel resonance,

conduct spectrum analysis, simulate effect of a passive filter tuned

to a particular frequency and others. I have been using the software

to conduct test cases of my own and so far I find it very useful.

Once you have familiarized yourself on its functions, you can expand

its usage to other application such as transient switching, model

the effect of a reactor, for example to mitigate impulses, and







I have created this forum to serve as a venue where we can interact

and share information and messages on power system and power quality

issues. Topics which I hope to be discussed in this forum includes:


1) Power system modeling and prediction

-load flow analysis

-short circuit analysis

-motor starting analysis



2) Power quality modeling and prediction

-power system harmonics

-lightning surges

-transient switching




3) Power quality detection and monitoring

- Power disturbance ( impulse, noise, overvoltage, undervoltage,

swell, sag) using disturbance monitors such as BMI,



-Ground resistance and resistivity testing using Vibroground,

AEMC, and others.

-Power harmonics monitoring using BMI, Dranetz, Fluke, and others.


4) Power Quality Problem Correction

Sizing, Selection, Installation, and Maintenance of

-Surge protectors


-Passive and Active filters


-Lightning Protection

-Other technologies aim to improve power quality problems



5) Standards dealing with Power Quality Issues

-IEEE 1100 Powering and Grounding of Sensistive electronics




-IEEE 519

- Others


6) Power Electronics

-AC Drives

-DC Drives

-Modeling Techniques to predict their behavior in the network

- Others



Thank you and enjoy this very powerful software. :)



Glenn Bonita

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