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Power factor monitor in 3phase motor

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Use the same circuit for each phase, (three circuits) and combine the outputs.


You need a Current transformer to mearsure the current. An opto isolator will not carry the current.


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Supposing that I implement this circuit, I will have a microcontroller (PIC) to know exactly what power factor I' ll have...

The output is a pulse at the AC frequency, in my case 50Hz, whose width is inversely proportional to the power factor. When the pulse width is zero, the power factor is one. But how do I know that power factor is for example 0.7? In this case what is the pulse width?

This ideia it´s correct...



But it´s inversely proportional so 1-x=Final Power factor

And this ideia applies to all power factor´s.

Please say something!

Thank you!

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