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Welcome to the Motortronics Section of LMP Forums. The purpose of this forum is to provide a place for users, integrators, distributors, agents and consulting engineers to get additional information on Motortronics products, and to share their experiences with each others as well. Post any questions or concerns you have about Motortronics Soft Starters, Inverters, DC Injection Brakes, Motor Protection Relays or Motor Winding Heaters.


We also welcome feedback from end users who are pleased, or even displeased, with Motortronics products or service. Feedback helps to facilitate improvement in both areas.


Any suggestions for product improvements will also be greatly appreciated. Although no promises of changes can be made, suggestions are always taken seriously and at the very least, may factor into redesigns or next generation products.


If you are not a native English speaker, please do not be overly concerned with spelling or grammar. We are all relatively intelligent and can usually pick up your meaning even if the exact words are not what we would use.


Lastly, if you were linked directly into this site via an email or suggestion from a Motortronics supplier or agent, please take a moment to register yourself with L.M. Photonics Forums above. There are no costs involved, and anonymity is strictly enforced, but it helps to offset the cost of this site and can be useful in referring back and forth in replies to postings. All unregistered posters will be listed simply as "Anonymous", so it can get a bit confusing over time!

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