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MAXL starters


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Thanks for letting me know about this forum. I already have a question for you!

I was looking at Motortronic's literature on the MaXL series Quarry Duty soft starters. Other than the box and label, whats different about these from the regular soft starters? The ratings seem to be the same.

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Hey, thanks for being the first poster on this new adventure! You win a prize, but to claim it, you will need to register.


Not really, but there are other benefits to registering if you can take the time. For one, it lets me know what part of the world you are in so I can use terms relevant to you, i.e. Across-the-Line vs DOL, NEMA 12 vs IP55 etc.


As to your question, it was observant of you to notice that the specs are the same. That's because the soft starters inside are the same, and they are the heart of the matter. The MAXL Series is more of a packaging issue than anything else. We put the XLS or XLD series starter into a package that is typical of what we see being required for the Mining and Aggregate industries (that is where the MA in MAXL comes from). That consists of a sealed NEMA 12 (IP55) enclosure, a circuit breaker disconnect, a control power transformer with extra capacity, and a bypass contactor rated for Across-the-Line (DOL) starting of the motor.


The XLS analog starter also has a slightly different operator panel that includes a Dual Ramp adjustment in lieu of Decel. Decel is a useless function for crushers and most other quarry applications (except pumps), so the Dual Ramp feature adds the ability to have a different set of starting adjustments should there be a change in the load, as in a power failure where a conveyor must start loaded. The digital XLD version already has that as standard.


Oh and you also get a cool red and black sticker on the door that says "Quarry Duty"!


If you are planning on building your own system and only need the soft starter chassis, just order the XLD or XLS starter in a panel mount version. If you ask, we will be happy to send you the cool Quarry Duty sticker for free!

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