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soft starter for wind turbine

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i have a university investigation to investaigate a simple soft starter for a wind turbine the exact question is as follows


Exercise 1 is to sketch the power circuit for a soft starting arrangement for a 3 phase induction generator and

explain briefly how the controller could be implemented. (do not design the controller)

Include typical load current waveforms


i am really stuck and am having trouble getting anywhere the only mention that is made about soft starting in the lectures is that it is used to stop inrush current, and the text book says nothing, this is only a small exercise so nothing really in depth is needed, can anyone help me out?



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So let me get this straight. You are a student and you are stuck on an assignment problem. You want others to help you out by telling you how to solve the problem, thereby allowing you to complete the assignment and pass the course without having learned how to find the answer yourself (other than asking us to do it for you).


Consider going into management...

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