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sir can u suggest that will the design of the starters depend upon powertransmission of the motor(like rope tranismition ,chain,


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Dear sir,

can u suggest me weather the design of the starter depend upon type of power-transmission(like transmission of power by rope,chain ,belt, gare,.......etc)

And which type of transmission is more efficient.

Actually there is a lathe machine for which there was a 5hp induction motor.for its operation there is a direction change over switch.will that require any starter.and the power transmission for this lathe is by gare

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Hello srinu


Welcome to the forum.

Have a look at our web pages at http://www.lmphotonics.com

The whole issue of motor starting and starters is quite


Fist, there is a driven load. This determines the amount of torque required to accelerate the machine to full speed. The transmission system determines the speed that the motor will operate at full speed. The motor develops the torque required and determines the minimum current required to develop that torque. The starter then has to deliver that amount of current.


The type of transimssion is dependent on the type of driven load and the engineering constraints faced by it.


Best regards,

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We really need more detail to comment, but the no load current of a motor will lie between 20% rated current for a large 2 pole motor and 60% for a small low speed motor.

If the no load current is unduly high, it indicates that the flux is higher than it should be and this is due to either voltage higher than design voltage, or frequency below design frequency. Alternatively, it could indicate a shorted turn on the motor stator.


Best regards,

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