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motor speed control

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i know nothing about ac motors except how to turn one on. i have an old bandsaw that i'm restoring and it has an emerson 110v .25hp motor. other info on the motor plate is FR=S60PR, style: 1233 25419. it does not appear to have a capacitor on it-ok, i know a little about motors. i want to be able to control the speed of the motor in a non-mechanical fashion, i.e. without the use of step pulleys. is it possible to use some sort of rheostat or potentiometer to control the motor speed? thanks

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Hello Anonymous


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It is not easy to speed control a single phase motor. There are some motors that have a high resistance rotor and these can be speed controlled by using a variable voltage such as a variac or a solid state controller. Some single phase motors, are what we call universla motors. These motors have brushes and can definitrly be controlled by variable voltage, however most bandsaws and drill presses that I have worked on have an induction motor and can not be speed controlled by variable voltage or inverter systems.

You need to determin if the motor has brushes or not, If it does not, then I would suggest that you replace the motor with a three phase motor and use a single phas input, three phase output inverter or speed controller. There are many available and they are not very expensive.


Best regards,

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