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Disable the drive at zero speed.

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The speed is controlled using the differential input AnIn1 at terminals 2 and 3.

The drive is only started if the speed reference is greater than a threshold set in 822


Operational Parameters

822 : Start Threshold




212 : Remote

213 : Remote

214 : R+L

Analogue Inputs

411 : Speed

412 : 0-10V/0-20mA

415 : Bipolar OFF

416 : OFF

Digital Outputs

441 : CA1


821 : AnIn1

822 : 5%



An+ to #2

An- to #3

Gnd to #1

Enable #10 to #11 (via enable switch)

DigOut1 [#20] to RunR[#9]


When the speed input goes above the reference (822) the output of the comparator turns on the RunR inputs enabling the drive to run in in the forward direction.

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