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1 Ph Soft Starter 1.5kW for pumps application


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Dear all.

I work in a campany producing electropumps.


I am interested in information regarding low power (1,5kW) soft starter for single phase pump application.


In the marketplace there are a lot of VSD controller for pump for constant pressure application that in addition to the close loop pressure control deliver the function of soft start and soft stop.


What I am investigating is the possiblity to realise a cheper soft starter for the low power size pump with a simply (SCR?)circuit in accordance with CE, C-Tick approval.


Could someone provide me usful information?

Somebody could provide me an electronic schematic?

Did you have an idea about a cost indication?


Thanks in advance for your kind reply,


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Hello Bob73


Welcome to the forum.


There are soft starters available for single phase motors. Thes operate at fixed speed only. You can not vary the speed of a single phase motor with a soft starter.


See http://www.motor-control.co.nz and http://www.lmphotonics.com/store/product_i.../products_id/51


Best regards,

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