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latest techniques of starting motors

Guest ksvs29

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Guest ksvs29

can anyone give some info or links on the latest techniques of starting motors in general and induction motors in particular.



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Hello ksvs29

Motor starting techniques have changed very little in many years, and unfortunately, the same old problems exist. From my experience, very little engineering goes into starting motors correctly, and many teaching institutions gloss over this most important function. The engineering of the correct starting system for a motor is quite a science, but when you understand it, it is not too difficult. One of the problems is the very large variation between motors.

The only major advancement in the last 20 odd years, has been the commercialisation of the soft starter which can now be considered a viable starter in most applications and can provide a worthwhile advantage over traditional starters. Having said that though, many traditional starters used correctly would yield much better performance than they do in practice.

There is some information in this area on our web site http://www.lmphotonics.com

Best regards,

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