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central vacuum cleaner power control module


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Hello Everybody!


I have an old CVAC without any motor thermal protection and with hard starter (relay). Which company produce Power control modules for CVACs? This module should have Soft start by triac and thermal protection for motor (1700W).





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Hello blazen


Welcome to the forum.


What type of motor is fitted? often this type of equipment uses a universal motor and that does not need to be soft started.

A univeral motor is one that has brushes whereas an induction motor does not.

If you can gove more detail on the motor, i.e. induction motor or universal, and it's voltage and current rating, someone may be able to help you.


Best regards

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Hello blazen


As the motor has brushes, it will be a universal motor and does not need a soft start.

Soft starters are applied to induction motors because induction motors draw a very high starting current, typically 6 - 8 times the rating of the motor.


Best regards,

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