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Hi Rich


There are a number of discussions on this and other forums on the Nasa energy saving priciple. There also a paper at http://www.LMPhotonics.com/energy.htm

The Somar is based on the same principle of increasing the motor efficiency when the efficiency is low, by reducing the voltage applied to the motor. This reduces the iron loss in the motor but in medium loads, increases the copper loss in the motor. At very light load, where the current is primarily magnetising current, the reduction in voltage willreduce both the iron loss and the copper loss.

The bottom line is that you can only save a portion of the energy that is being wasted. To learn more about the potential, study the efficiency curves of induction motors against load. From this you can determine the energy that is being wasted at different loads. When the efficiency has dropped significantly from the full load efficiency, you can expect to reduce the drop in efficiency.

Have a look at the discussion on http://www.lmpforum.com/viewthread.php?tid=23 This is typical of the sort of discussions that go backwards and forwards.

There does seem to be a major issue with the understanding of what the efficiency curves of motors are really like and what the true losses are. Larger motors do not have the same losses and efficiencies as small motors and you can not extrapolate tests on small single phase motors to represent the results on larger machines.

I do not believe the question should relate to particular manufacturers initially, rather to the principle. If you are happy with the potential of the principle, then start to consider the manufacturer.


Best regards,

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