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C164 Interrupts and ROM Location on Kiel Compiler

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External Memory and Execution Speeds


I am using Timer12 and Timer7 to drive the CAPCOM6 unit on the Phytec C164 nanoModule using Space Vector Modulation for induction motor drive control. This program also uses CAPCOM6 interrupts for regular modification of pulse widths for sinusoidal waveform outputs. I am using the Kiel compiler evaluation version.


My problem is, the program works fast (as desired for precise pulse control) when I do not specify any number on the external memory in the Target configuration panel. I do get four warnings during linking, but the program works fine.


However, when I specify ROM and RAM address and sizes on the panel, the warnings disppear but my program becomes miserably slow.


What have the interrupt procedures to do with ROM and RAM locations???




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