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Vectron MG400-007 German


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Iam trying to work with Vectron MC400-007 and I do not have a manual. Does anyone know where I can get one or get the parameter list that I have which is in german translated. I contacted the manufacture and they cannot help me at all.



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Vectron was / is the brand name for Bonfiglioli, a German drive and gearbox manufacturer (although several of their VFD product lines are brand-labeled from other manufacturers). That series is not shown on their web any longer, but I'm sure if you contact them they will know of someone who can help.

Since you are in Ohio, here is their US website. http://www.bonfiglioliusa.com/

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Hello moltra


Welcome to the forum.


There was also a range of VSDs manufactured by a New Zealand company under the name of Vectron. These were people who were originally part of the PDL drives company in Napier, New Zealand. They now call themselves Vectek and their contact details are :

21 Carnegie Rd Onekawa


New Zealand

phone +64 6 843 1400

Facsimile +64 6 843 0398


web site : http://www.vectek.co.nz/

I would suggest that you try them in case the drive was one of theirs.


Best regards,

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