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I was recently doing a google search, looking for additional information on a topic and ended up on some pages that looked vaguely familiar. The reason for the familiarity was, that I wrote them!!

I find it interesting that this website has copyright and legal notices about copying material yet they do not seem to apply the same standards to others work, infact they seem to be claiming copyright on my work as they have not acknowledged the origin of the material!!

see http://www.myelectrical.com/book/Switchgea...D=P040507103036 and http://www.myelectrical.com/book/Machines/...D=P040507102946

as examples.


Best regards,

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Well at least by you posting on myelectrical I have found this forum and website thanks for letting us know about this great site. Also I will not try to do anything wrong as I am new to computers and can barely turn it on. :cool:
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Dear Marke


I beleive what they had done can be described as explicit plagiarism

and I think the people of myelectrical.com must be informed by email

about this stealing.


Moreover, I consider this plagiarism as an abuse to the use of the internet.

The internet is serving the world but it is still fragile to different types

of abuse.

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