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Parallel Resonance


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Hello hadi


When ever you have a combination of capacitance and inductance, you have a resonant circuit. The resonant frequency is a function of the inductance and capacitance. The formula is commonly available but a little hard to quickly add here.


If the inductance and capacitance are in parallel, you have a parallel resonant circuit. If the shunt resistance is high (High impedance suppy), the Q factor is also high and the resonant circuit will ring if excited by transients or harmonics close to the resonant frequency.


It is common for supply resonance to occur, made up of the power factor correction capacitance and the inductance of the supply.


Best regards,

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Dear bob,


Yes, I have found the formula but I don't understand about that. I mean, I don't know how the parallel resonance in the actual electrical circuit. Did the resonance cause the voltage will be increase or decrease? And I don't know how to define Q factor of the circuit.




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