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Maximum starting current


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What should be the maximum allowable current at start in coupled condition as percentage of full load current when starting a slip ring motor of 3600KW ,5.5 KV motor having resistance cutting starter


What percentage of coil can be removed from Slip ring MOtor of 3600KW where coils have got damaged

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Not enough information.

1) What do you mean by maximum allowable? Do you mean what amount will the motor require to accelerate (minimum required)? Or do you mean the maximum amount that your power system can tolerate? For that you would beed to describe the power system in detail as well.


2)By Slip Ring, do you mean a Wound Rotor Induction Motor, or a Syncronous Motor?


2) Loaded or unloaded? If loaded, what is the load?


3) What do you mean by "percentage of coil... removed"?

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