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Help on PLC


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Dear members


I need some help on PLC's.


Has anybody seen a PLC that can give very short pulses in the range of micro- or milli-seconds. These pulses will be fed into the gate of an SCR or TRIAC?


Most pulses have long pulse width which is not suitable to trigger some power electronic devices.

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PLC's have scan times, so unless there is dedicated add on module I doubt very much that you would achieve the correct firing angle. Your top players in the PLC game are Allen Bradley, siemens and Mitsubishi. Try looking at there kit you never know they could have a module that gives accurate timing as well as some software functionality.


Best of Luck


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You are going to try to trigger an SCR using a PLC output? Why don't you just get a simple cheap trigger board for the SCR(s) and send it a signal from the PLC to trigger at a given firing angle or timing rate, then let the board do the actual gating.
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