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high starting current of atlas copco compressor


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Hello sanjoy


We need more information on type of starter used before we can comment.


Please provide more detail.

Best regards,

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Hello Mr.Sanjay


To identify and solve this problem we need to know the following informations


1) Capacity of the compressor motor & its rating

2) Type of starter and overload setting


The reason for high starting current could be due to

defective contactor resulting in phase failure,voltage drop or

faulty bearings causing motor jam or

fault driven compreesor or

due to backpressure

First try to run the compressor in unload condition.If the problem remains the same check if the correct voltages reaches the coil.If it is o.k.,then it is better to separate the motor coupling to locate wether the problem is in the motor or in the subsequent stages.

Hope this could be of little use in solving your problem.


with regards


Jamal ubaidullah

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