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Deep discharge test of maintenance free batteries


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I am having a 220 v, 1100 AH VRLA battery bank (ABSOLYTE IIP , Type -100A- 23, 8 Hours to 1.75 VPC) installed in 2000. so far we have not carry out deep discharge test on this bank. Only partial discharge test was carried out by running 123 amps of load for 4 hrs. Vpc was measured on all the cells , it was 2.00 v after the test. CEGB recomonds deep discharge tests to be carried out every year for VRLA batteries.

I wanted to know whether the test conducted by us ia=s correct or as per recomondation we have to discharge the batteries up to 1.75 vpc (80%) to find out the condition of batteries.Pl guide.

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It is always recommended as a good practise to conduct annual capacity test on the battery bank by discharging . This improves the battery life and helps in identifying any weak cells which may be getting ready to fail soon
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