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Improving PF, saving fuel in generators?

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Hi, I have a 3 ph generator driving only AC motors. The display says lagging condition and 0.6 PF. Adding capacitors to the system in order to improve the PF will the generator save fuel?
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Adding capacitors will only make your energy utilisation better. It will not reduce diesel bills.



However your motors will feel better because of lesser reactive component in the supply.


But be careful do not overcompensate the reactive power and size your capacitors carefully.




" If you say the truth, you don't have to remember your lies"




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Hello Anonymous


If you register on the forum, you can get email advice of replies.

Adding power factor correction will not alter the KW drawn by motors, but it will reduce the current flow in the generator and any transformers you have between the correction and the generator. This will reduce generation and transmission losses. This will result in a diesel saving. The amount of saving is dependent on the levelm of losses that can be reduced.

This is a different situation from an installation taking a power feed form the normal supply. In that case, the only savings would be in any cable and transfomers between the correction and the metering.


Hello Chaterpilar

The addition of power factor correction will not alter the way the motors perform or feel. The current into the motor does not change.


Best regards,

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