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Dear Friends,


Are there any websites which rank product/make of Electrical products.. similar to that done for computers/laptops/cellphones..etc


What i am looking for is a site which compares electrical products like VSD soft starters contactors relays breakers...etc on basis of reliability, price, technology..etc and rate them from 1 to 10


In short......TOP TEN electrical products manufacturers of the world.










" If we focus on our similarities and NOT on our dissimilarities, the world will be a better place...."

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Hello chaterpilar


I can not say that I know of one, and it is a good idea, but it is very difficult to make such a review totally subjective. Unfortunately, we all have slightly different requirements and this changes our view point. If you need complexity you will rate that high, but for a lot of applications, it is an unnecessary complication.

If one person does the review, you get only his viewpoint and that can be very misleading.

At the end of the day, I believe that the local service/support is actually more important than the equipment itself provided that the reliability and functionality is adequate.

When looking at equipment, I tend to look for the best supplier and then see if they have adequate equipment in their stable. If not, I widen the net.


If there was enough interest, I could add an equipment review section to this forum.

Best regards,

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Dear Marke,


I would appreciate if you have a topic of this nature.


it helps for a buyer to have reviews and to know the specific product leaders.


It is known fact that SONY is good in audio/TV....similarly if we would know say "A" brand is good in VSD and "B" brand is good in contactors and breakers.....it helps and since the audience to this website is experienced Electrical engineers...what better place than this forum to express thier favourite products...


hope to have a topic started ......


thanks again,





"If we focus on our similarities and NOT on our dissimilarities...the world will be a better place....."

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