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energy saving from inverter


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Hello sir.

I have some question for you, this idea is basically from my purpose to get some energy saving in my factory.


1. Can I drive 3 motor, 1 phase (220V, 1HP) with 1 inverter (380V,1.5 HP) so each motor connect to U,V,W line from inverter and the other side from motor I connected to Ground (or Netral line ). (If I need this 3 motor working in same speed and same time).?

2. Which one is more saving energy between this option :

a. for motor 220V/380V (delta/star voltage) ,2 HP (3 phase), I use inverter with input voltage 220V,single phase and output 220V 3 phase but I connected the motor in delta configuration?

b. same with above but I use inverter with input voltage 380V (3 phase ) with output 380V,3 phase but I connected the motor in Star configuration?

3. Can you help me how to count energy saved from inverter compare to VS-motor ( eddy current type) ? the calculation.

4. It is wise if I use 1 inverter to drive more than one motor ( same rating). eample. I use 3 HP inverter (3 phase) to drive 3 motor (3 phase) (1 HP each) ?

This problem must be solved cause, my factory is going to take big investment on energy saving to get some reducing in production line bill. cause now my country's charge for electrical is about to rising again for 20%.

thank you for your answer before.

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