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another single phase motor prob


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Hello De Hulk,


The better is to take a look of Capacitor Size. If you have a capacitor from 180 up to 500 MicroFarads then you have a Capacitor Start Motor. If the Capacitor is from 2 up to 30 MicroFarads is a Capacitor Run.


The Imphotonic Web page have Both diagrams(please take a look of No.1 and 3), In your motor you have : the two connected points belongs to the join between the start and Run windings and the power capacitor could be internally jointed between Run winding and the capacitor,in your case this joint is sended outside with only one wire.


You could perform an ohm reading between the capacitors wires and the join of two wires in order to determine the ohmic resistance, high resistance is start winding and low resistance is run winding. To test the capacitor(First disconet) you can apply a low voltage to the terminals by few seconds and later join the two terminal to see if sparks if yes is good and no the capacitaor is damage. Another think ,you could have a centrifugal swich and this one could be damage.





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