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We have a Liquid Regulator used when regulating speed of an AC slip ring motor, once it is run up to full speed we require to short the machine out to minimise the resistance left in the Regulator, this was done by AEI/GEC in the older days by means of copper contacts mechanically linked to the fixed electrodes. I have seen contactors used electrically, but are these manufactured to a high ampage, the machine is rated for Rotor Amps of approx.4500
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I have used 3000 Amp bar contactors in the past, but not 4500.

I believe that Ghisalba used to make large bar contactors but I can not find reference on their website http://www.ghisalba.com/ It may be worth enquiring from them.

Telemechanique also used to make large bar type contactors.

An alternative is to use a motorised circuit breaker.


Best regards,

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That would be Microelettrica, not Ghisalba.


Micro have a range of bar type contactors available to 3000 Amps. Needless to say a paralleling strategy would need to be adopted to cater for the 4500 amp capacity you require. This should be relatively easy to achieved because contactors in this style & size are generally built to order.


Hope that helps.




PS: The motor operated circuit breaker as suggested by Marke is another possibility. If you pursue that be sure to confirm max number of mechanical and electrical operations. This can change/reduce quite dramatically when a breaker is fitted with a motor operator.

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