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What kind of motor am I looking for?


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For my application, I am looking for motor and dynamo.


I have a variable force pulling on a thin but high-tensile cable for which I must carefully control resistance (anti-torque?) via computer to maximize the pull - under increased pulling forces I hope to generate more electricity by applying greater magnetic resistance within the dynamo.


I imagined my cable could be wound around an armature such that as it was pulled, the armature would spin and the motor could act as dynamo. Of course, my cable is finite in length and must be rewound (voltage applied) near it's length to start the process again. Naturally, I can significantly reduce the pulling force of the cable during rewind such that more energy is stored than spent for each cycle of unwind/rewind.


For my hobbyist/testing purposes, my pulling force will under 30 pounds, however, could scale up to 1000's of pounds.


Is there a hobbyist motor/dynamo in existance that can meet my needs? If not, can such a beast be drafted and/or constructed?


Thanks in advance,



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