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I am using a VFD to control a 100 HP, 1190 RPM motor. I have programmed it to allow two preset speeds, 1000 RPM and 500 RPM. At the high speed with the full load applied I am drawing 115 of the full load 123 amps. This is fine and the work is getting done at this speed. However, at the lower speed the motor stalls at half the load applied. I believe we have set the proper parameters. Any help?
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Hello elecspec


Welcome to the forum.

As I understand your post, it appears that the motor runs fine at close to full speed and close to full load, but stalls when under load at near half speed.


What current are you drawing at half speed before the motor begins to stall? At half speed, the motor can only deliver half power. The maximum current remains the same as at full speed.


Is this a v/f drive or a vector drive? do you have a field weakening option turned on as can be used for pumps etc?


Best regards,

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