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Centre Wind Application


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Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to find the correct horsepower. I have a centre wind application and I'm not 100% sure of the formula. The application is winding from a 3" core to a full roll of 18". I need 60 lbs of tension. The material width is approximately 20". Maximum speed is 400 fpm. ??

Thanks. Brad

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Hi Brad,


Neglecting Losses and other factors, the following formula applies:



Tension HP = [(Velocity FPM x Max Tension LBS) / 33,000] x Build-up





Build-up = Full Roll Diameter (in.) / Empty Core Diameter (in.)



So in your case, it is calculated that Build-up is 6:1 or 6


and the Tension HP is 4.36


Of course, this does not take into account friction, windage, and the HP requirements of Accelerating and Decelerating the roll.


But those considerations need to be accounted for when sizing a drive and motor.


Hope this helps.


Kind regards,


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