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IGCT the mystry


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Hello ironlosses1981


Welcome to the forum.


The IGCT in an Integrated Gate Controlled Thyristor and is a derivation/enhancement of the more traditional GTO (Gate Turn Off Thyristor).


One of the weaknesses of the GTO was the very high negative gate energy required to turn the thyristor OFF. Another disadvantage is the maximum controllable current of the GTO and the third disavantage is the switching times of the GTO.


The IGCT has major advantages in very fast switching, gate controlled turn OFF and very low power dissipation. The IGCT includes a reverse parallel diode integrated on the wafer, eliminating the need for an external flyback diode. The high commutation speed eliminates the requirement for a major snubber assembly for each device.


IGCTs are used in high power inverters, often with a number of them in series to get a high voltage rating.


Best regards,

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plz plz plz


any one can supply me with information about IGCT




hi mark,


I'd like to express my gratiful for your fast replay,actually i have at my plant M.V drive

(ABB ACS1000) this drive work with DIRICT TORQUE CONTROL TECHNIQUE which is

the most advanced technology around the world, this drive use IGCT's as power electronic

switchs but really i cann't find any good technical information describe the drive as well as

the IGCT's switchs even the manuale of the drive give little information



so could you please help me to find good reference or send me pdf files have information

about this subject



please if you can help you can mail me at






thank you for informations you send before


your new friend ironlosses1981

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Hello ironlosses1981


The Direct Torque Control is just anotherway of building an inverter. In most applications, it behaves the same as a sensorless vector control system. In some situations, it is able to produce a higher torque into a stationary rotor than with a standard sensorless vector drive.


There are some technical papers about the IGCT by ABB available on the web. You will find these if you do a google search on IGCT.


In simplistic terms, consider the IGCT as being much the same as a GTO with a very fast switching time, an ingrated flyback diode and an integrated gate drive circuit.


The IGCT comes as a module including the mpower device and the gate drive circuit. All you need to make it work are the power supply for the gate drive (MV isolated from all other circuits) and a fibre optic control.


Best regards,

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