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Castell Lock


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Hi Nirav,

Castel lock also known as castell key interlock is a mechanical interlock between two equipment. you can imagine it as two locks on two different equipment wiith only one key.


If you are not allowed to parallel the two ups systems that you have you will need a castel key iinterlock for the MCCBs for example feeding your UPS board.


Please note that it should be avoided to inetrlock two UPS supplies since you will be shutting down vital load for shifting from one ups supply to the other.


Dual UPS systems are shoud be always ready for parallelling.


Hope the above clarfied the matter if not please put more details in your question so i can answer your question.

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The "CASTELL KEY" is a key operated mechanical and electrical interlock system that can be used to prevent two or more systems from becoming active at any one time, or for protecting personel from gaining access to macinery whilst it is in use.
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