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D/a Using 16f73


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i m using 16f73 for my x-y table and position is sensed with linear potentiometer.

now to drive dc motor to control speed i need D/A converter without loosing much (eight) pins.

is it posssible to use A/D somehow to get D/A ?


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Hello ndeepak


No, you can not use the A/D converter as a D/A converter


The 16f73 does have two PWM modules which can be used to give you an analog output.

The output voltage is controlled by the pulse width. Zero pulse width gives you zero output and 100% pulse width gives you the supply voltage output.

You will need to pass the pulses through a low pass filter to get "DC". The lower the cutoff frequency, the lower the ripple and the slower the response time.


Best regards,

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