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Is it safe to run the forced cooled motor at 1Hz? If not possible what is the minimm speed ? how to determine?

Assuming you mean when using a VFD here. And just so you know, it would need to be a very good Vector drive to be capable of giving you any kind of reasonable accuracy at that speed. The cheaper vector drives will not.


If the motor is rated for that speed, then yes you can do it. You should be able to ask the motor manufacturer. For example, some force cooled motors have a turn down ratio as high as 1000:1. That means if the motor is rated for 60Hz operation, you can safely turn the speed down to 60/1000 or 0.06Hz. But if it is rated only for a 6:1 turn down ratio, the lowest safe speed will be 6Hz. If the motor is not rated at all, I would assume it is no better than 4:1, and others may not even agree with being that generous.

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