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Solution To Limit The Torque Of “Baling Press”

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Hi Mark;


First of all, I am grieved that your cricket team which was my favorite in the final of World Cup 2015 and I wished that New Zealand should win the world cup but they could not perform well. Anyhow this is the game of that specific day.


We have a manual hydraulic baling press machine to make the bundles of trim cutting waste of Corrugator and Flexo machines. As there is no any torque control or limit control, some times operator presses the collected waste in the bin with excessive force which is harmful for baler parts. We can not install a limit switch because the quantity of waste in the bin is not the same every time. I have an idea to control the torque of motor so that after a set point of torque, motor should stop to press more the waste. Please do share if you have a cheaper solution for this kind of control. Motor is 37KW 400V which runs a hydraulic pump.

"Don't assume any thing, always check/ask and clear yourself".

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Hi, AB2005,

are you in position to limit the oil pressure, using a by-pass? You can regulate the max pressure level, stating when the by-pass will collect the hydraulic flux.

Best regards, Ma


Mario Maggi - Italy - http://www.evlist.it - https://www.axu.it

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Hello AB2005


Thank you for your kind words in regard to the cricket team. I did not know that you followed cricket!!


Mario has offered a very good solution, a pressure bypass valve or similar will limit the pressure.


If you are using a drive, then the speed could be modulated to achieve the same result with a pressure transducer feedback to a PID.


If the motor is DOL and there is no hydraulic possibility, then a product such as the Emotron M10 or M20 could be used to trip the starter, or to raise a flag when the torque limit is reached.


see http://www.emotron.com/products-solutions/products/shaft-power-minitors/m20/


Best regards,


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